• GoTreads Regular Length - OrangeGoTreads Regular - Orange

    GoTreads Regular (pair)

    : $175.00

    Pair of regular length GoTreads.

    46 inches of traction. 3 inches of leveling. 9 inches wide. Self-feeding design.

  • GoTreads XL OrangeGoTreads XL - Orange

    GoTreads XL (pair)

    : $215.00

    Pair of GoTreads XL.

    58 inches of traction. 4 inches of leveling. 9 inches wide. Self-feeding design.

  • GoTreads XXL Folded - Orange

    GoTreads XXL (pair)

    : $265.00

    Pair of GoTreads XXL

    Length: 70 inches
    Width: 9 inches
    Weight: (each): 9.8 pounds
    Tire Diameter: Large-Extra Large
    Vehicle type: Large Trucks, Buses, Semis

  • Sale! GoTreads Technical Recovery KitATC XL Gear Bag

    Technical Recovery Kit

    : $810.00

    GoTreads TRK (Technical Recovery Kit) featuring the Adventure Tool Company XL Gear Bag. The ultimate vehicle traction tool bundle for serious off-roaders and first responders.

  • GoTreads Cube Case for Standard / 3 foot GoTreadsGoTreads Cube Case Open

    GoTreads – Regular Cube Case


    Custom, USA made carrying case for two GoTreads.

  • GoTreads XL Cube CaseGT Cube Case XL Open

    GoTreads – Cube Case XL

    $50.00 $35.00

    Custom, USA made carrying case for two GoTreads.

  • Nomad Bag for GoTreads made by the Adventure Tool companyNomad Bag for GoTreads made by the Adventure Tool company

    GoTreads Nomad Bag

    $115.00 $100.00

    A premium storage bag for GoTreads made by Adventure Tool Company in Colorado.

  • Stod Gear Treadpack



    A GoTreads storage bag with flexible stowage options and multiple uses.

    When loading your rig, having options to stow your gear is essential. We found that sometimes we needed to lay our GoTreads flat, and other times we wanted them standing up. Either way, they needed to carry conveniently, and make the contents easy to deploy and repack. The TreadPack™ is a truly unique solution.

    While this bag was engineered to accommodate a set of GoTreads, it is also excellent for storing other gear as well – recovery straps, soft shackles, tire chains, etc.

    It also functions as a superb winch line dampener. Truly a multi-functional tool.

  • GoTreads Quick Connect - BlackGoTreads Quick Connect - Orange

    Quick Connect Kit


    When you need more length on your GoTreads, you can use this kit to connect two separate GoTreads together.

  • GoTreads Stack Pack Vehicle Leveling AccessoryGoTreads Leveling StackPack

    Stack Pack

    $55.00 $40.00

    Level up your leveling with the Stack Pack. This handy addon for GoTreads makes leveling even easier by preventing panel slippage and potential damage. Includes rubber mats and Rollercam® straps in a carrying bag.

  • GoTreads Quick Panel - Black

    Quick Panel Kit


    Extends GoTreads length by 1 foot. Stacked height increases by 1″. Includes: (2) traction panels, (2) hinges, (2) hinge pins, (2) quick connect pins. Easy to add and take off as needed.

  • MotoTreads Motorcycle traction mats

    MotoTreads / MiniTreads


    A single mini GoTread for adventure motorcycles and other small tires.

    40.75 inches of traction and 5.75 inches wide. Self-feeding design.

  • Large Vehicle Kit - Black - two pairs of XL GoTreads plus two bagsLarge Vehicle Kit - Orange - two pairs of XL GoTreads plus two bags

    Large Vehicle Kit

    : $540.00

    Two pairs of GoTreads XL with two custom XL cube carrying cases.

    Each tool has 58 inches of traction. 9 inches wide. Self-feeding design.