The professional driver’s traction tool

GoTreads Top View

  • Go Treads* is specifically designed for commercial / military use.
  • Go Treads are made of a high grade, tough and durable polypropylene copolymer to withstand extremely cold temperatures (-35 Degrees F).
  • Standard unit is over 46” but it can be ordered in longer lengths.
  • The patented arched “gripping grooves” help center the tool under the tire.
  • Go Treads folds to a compact size for convenient storage.
  • The aggressive, deep grooves on top and bottom offer superior gripping capacity for the tire and the slippery substance.
  • The wide track (9”) offers a large “footprint” on which the tire can roll over to be freed.
  • The smooth bottom surface on the short, leading sections of the tool allows the rotating tire to draw the Go Treads under tire and separates the slippery surface from the tire. It then allows the next section to grip the slippery surface giving the tire the traction needed to get moving again.
  • Go Treads are made to be used and abused over and over again yet still perform effectively; that is why we call it a Professional Tool.
  • No assembly required; Go Treads can be unfolded and put to use instantly.
  • Go Treads was engineered and tested to work under the weight of a fully loaded semi truck without breaking.
  • The multiple hinged design allows Go Treads to conform to the contour of the surface under the vehicle making it easy to put it in position.
  • When used in boat ramp situations, Go Treads will float for easy retrieval.
  • Go Treads are easy to clean.

* The Go Treads trademark is plural to signify many tread sections that are attached together by a system of double hinged links.

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