Features of GoTreads

Features of GoTreads - Self Aligning Design

Self Aligning

The arched grooves help pull GoTreads into the center of travel. This keeps the traction in the middle of your tire where it provides the greatest aid.

Self Feeding

The first two sections are grooved on one side and smooth on the other. This allows the tire to grip the top while the bottom slides along the ground and under the tire. No more digging to wedge a solid board under your tire!

GoTreads Feature - Self Feeding
GoTreads Feature - Opposing Grip

Opposing Grip

GoTreads feature opposing grooves across the entire surface. Top and bottom. This grabs your tire and the ground in opposite directions creating optimal traction. GoTreads utilize the full surface area on both sides of the traction board for grip.

Arched Strength

This incredibly strong shape is utilized in GoTreads not only for traction but also for re-structuring the ground you are stuck in. Forming a series of arches in the surface of the ground creates a stronger gripping surface.

GoTreads Feature - Arched Strength for traction
GoTreads Feature - Rigid Lattice

Rigid Lattice

The opposing groove pattern of GoTreads creates an incredibly strong lattice structure. This makes them extremely rigid side to side while still allowing flex lengthwise.

Designed to Flex

The patented design of GoTreads combined with our polymer formulation allows them to flex lengthwise and conform to a tire even down to -35 F (-37 C).

GoTreads Feature - designed to flex
GoTreads Feature - Modular and Expandable

Modular / Expandable

GoTreads feature interchangeable parts allowing for easy, custom configurations and lengths. Mix and match to create the perfect traction tool for your specific needs.


GoTreads can double as vehicle levelers. Each panel offers 1″ of leveling. Simply fold / unfold to the desired height and drive on up. Great for rooftop tents, camping trailers, and RVs. Rated for 50,000 lbs.

GoTreads Feature - multi-use - double as foldable vehicle levelers
Terrain Following

Terrain Following

The articulating design of GoTreads allows them to slide into tight spaces other, rigid traction boards won’t fit without extensive digging. This design also prevents your traction device from slamming against the vehicle.

Extreme Duty

The latest iteration of GoTreads were designed for military and fleet use. They are engineered to sustain weights of up to 50,000 pounds (although many have pushed the boundaries well past that).

Extreme Duty
compact and portable

Compact & Portable

A standard pair of GoTreads are incredibly compact and easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. We even offer an optional storage bag for ultimate portability. No fiddling with crazy roof rack mounting systems to carry a traction device with you wherever you go.

Available in Three Lengths

GoTreads Size Comparisons

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