GoTreads Points and Rewards Program Overview

The GoTreads Points and Rewards Program (GT Points) is a way for customers of to earn points in different ways. Points can be redeemed for rewards or applied toward purchases. To learn more about the program and how you can earn points, please review the FAQ below.

Anyone who registers an account on the site is automatically enrolled. GT Points can be earned immediately. Membership is ongoing unless you request to be removed, or you’re removed due to abuse of the program. Once you’ve signed up,  points will accrue until they expire or you opt to leave the program.

Purchase gear on

Items for sale on our site will note how many GT Points you will receive when you make a purchase. Nearly all items are eligible for GT Points. Typically, GoTreads products will earn you 10 Rewards Points per dollar spent. Some exceptions apply, and they will be noted on the product page. Shipping and taxes are not included when calculating point totals. GT Points expire 2 years after they’re earned and are redeemed on a first-in, first-out basis (i.e. points that expire the soonest will be redeemed first). Only purchases after January 1, 2020 are eligible for GT Points.

Recommend our website to a friend

Each rewards points member has a special link available in the “My Points & Rewards” section of their account dashboard. Share that link with friends and family. When they make a purchase, you’ll get 2000 points added to your account.

Share a story about GoTreads

If you have a great story about GoTreads you’d like to share, you can earn 1000 points by submitting it through your account dashboard. You’ll find a place to submit this under the “My Points & Rewards” menu.

Answer questions

We occasionally post various questions in the “My Points & Rewards” section. These questions are to help us better understand our customer and their needs. For each one you answer, you’ll receive 100 points.

Share a photo of your purchases

Sharing or posting a photo of GoTreads in their natural habitat is a great way to earn points. If you have pictures you want to share, email them to with a point request. We will add 1000 points to your account for any photos used.

Login to your account. Click “My Points & Rewards” to see available points along with options for earning more.

Your GT Points are converted to purchase credit in 100-point intervals (100 points = $0.50 purchase credit). Once you have collected 100+ GT Points, you will have the option to apply them to future purchases. GT Points have no cash redemption value.

Your current GT Points balance is shown on the cart and checkout page. To apply points, type in the number you want to apply to your order and click “Redeem Now”. The amount will be shown as a credit to your order total. If you change your mind, click the “Remove Points” link and they will be returned back to your point balance.

If you return/cancel an order, we deduct the GT Points earned on that item from your point balance. If you already used the points and your balance is less than the deduction, your refund will be reduced by the difference.

Everyone who signs up on is automatically enrolled in the GT Points & Rewards program.

This program is intended to show appreciation and reward GoTreads customers. If we determine that a user is abusing the program by purchasing for resale, exploiting loopholes, or manipulating the system in any way, we reserve the right to remove any user and remove their credit balance.