GoTreads Comparison

Choosing the right size GoTreads.

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Overall Traction Length

GoTreads Size Comparisons

Each main panel of GoTreads measures 1 foot in length and 9 inches in width. An easy way to determine the approximate traction length is to count the panels. The XL GoTreads is referred to as a 4-foot traction board because it is made up of four main panels. The Regular length GoTread consists of three main panels, which together form a three-foot traction board. Building whatever size you desire is possible by adding or removing panels to create custom lengths.

Maximum Leveling Height

GoTreads Leveling Heights Comparison

When it comes to leveling, GoTreads XXL can provide anywhere from 1 to 5 inches of leveling capability. With GoTreads XL, you can achieve a leveling range of 1-4 inches. The standard GoTreads offer a leveling range of 1 to 3 inches. We recommend our optional Stack Pack when leveling 3 inches or higher. This kit contains rubber mats that are inserted between the panels and a strap that is used to keep everything tightly secured.

Folded Size – Each

GoTreads Regular - Singled Folded


GoTreads XL - Singled Folded


GoTreads XXL - Singled Folded


Size in Carrying Case

GoTreads Regular Carrying Bag


GoTreads XL Carrying Bag


GoTreads are easily portable between vehicles due to their lightweight design. They also float. Great for boat ramp traction!

Recommended Sizing by Vehicle

GoTreads Sizing by Vehicle - Stacked

GoTreads Regular, XL, and XXL all have the same weight rating. Optimal length and desired leveling height dictate the sizing to use. If you have a larger vehicle, you’ll need a longer traction tool to accommodate the increased tire diameter. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, each version of GoTreads can be used interchangeably due to their matched weight ratings.

Sizing by Tire Diameter

Sizing GoTreads by tire diameter

To find the ideal length of GoTreads, simply use the diameter of your tire. We suggest opting for the XL size when the tire diameter goes beyond 30 inches. To accommodate tires that are over 40 inches in size, opt for the XXL. If necessary, you can add extra panels to extend GoTreads even more.

Available GoTreads Colors

Our standard colors are black and orange. If you’re looking for custom colors, our XL size is the perfect option. Availability and selection may vary. Require a specific color for your needs? Contact us for special orders.


standard colors


xl colors


standard colors


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