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What is covered

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Breakage when used under normal operating conditions
  • Warranty covers replacement parts. Refunds will not be issued.

Individual components replaced as deemed necessary by Pinto, Inc.

What is NOT Covered

  • Normal wear and tear from tool usage
  • Breakage caused from misuse
    • Over acceleration
      • Melting
      • Impact damage
    • Using GoTreads on hard surfaces
      • Broken panels
      • Deformed tread grooves
    • Stacking GoTreads
      • Broken/bent panels
    • Folding GoTreads improperly
      • Permanent creases
      • Torn out hinges
    • Preventing GoTreads from auto-feeding
      • Non drive tire combined with drive tire may cause hinge tear out
    • Exceeding weight limits
  • Any other damage caused by not following manufacturer’s instructions
  • Shipping costs associated with replacement parts

*International warranty does not include shipping. Warranty is done through local distributors (if available) or shipping at customer’s cost.

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