GoTreads Affiliate Program

Earn 10% for referring sales to

We prefer to reward our customers for referrals instead of giving more advertising dollars to billionaires.

Thank you for your interest in the GoTreads affiliate program. This page has a summary of the program details. If you have any questions, please contact us. A link to register is available at the end of the overview section below.

We have an affiliate platform built into our site. Once you sign up, you will gain access to a special affiliate area. There you can get your customized link, grab graphics and assets, view your referral dashboard, and manage all aspects of your affiliate account.

There are several options.

  • Use the default affiliate URL provided in your affiliate area. These look like:
  • Create a custom slug such as “clever-name”. Your affiliate URL will look like:
    (note: your custom slug must be different than your affiliate username)
  • Grab a QR code. In your affiliate URL area, you will find a custom QR code that you can use when referring people in person.
  • Generate custom URLs. If you have specific pages you want to link to on our site or want to use a custom campaign, there is a Referral URL Generator you can use in the Affiliate URLs section of your dashboard.
  • Setup direct link tracking. This option allows you to submit the URL for your own domain so it is tied to your affiliate account. Any traffic originating from your site will be automatically credited to you. There is no need to direct users to custom links. Simply add links on your own domain to anywhere on the domain and you’ll get credit. You can submit your domain under the “Direct Links” menu item in the Affiliate Dashboard.

We do not have a cap on earnings. The starting affiliate rate is 10% for orders you refer (less any additional shipping or taxes). Third-party brands we offer on our site may not qualify for a referral bonus.

In most cases. We want to work with people passionate about our product and stand behind the GoTreads brand. Anyone can apply but not everyone will be approved. Currently, the program is only open to US Citizens (it’s a tax thing).

Affiliate referred purchases are tracked through our affiliate system. The initial earnings are offered as store credit on our site. Once your account passes $30 in referral credit, you can opt to be paid via PayPal. In order to distribute payments, you’ll need to have a W9 on file with GoTreads / Pinto, Inc. Any referral payments surpassing $600 in a year will have a Form 1099-NEC filed. You will be responsible for reporting and paying any taxes due on your tax filings. Please contact a tax professional in your state if you have any questions.

Please review our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions page for more details. The main thing to remember is to be honest and upfront. Do not try to trick people into clicking affiliate links unknowingly. Do not spam people. Don’t go blasting forums with un-solicited links, etc. Any behavior that reflects poorly on the GoTreads brand will result in the termination of an affiliate account.

To apply for the GoTreads Affiliate Program, click the button below.