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GoTreads XL - Extended Red
GoTreads XL - Extended Black
GoTreads XL - Extended Orange
XL Dimensions
GoTreads XL Red Folded
GoTreads XL - Extended Red
GoTreads XL - Extended Black
GoTreads XL - Extended Orange
XL Dimensions

GoTreads XL (pair)


Pair of GoTreads XL.

58 inches of traction. 5 inches of leveling. 9 inches wide. Self-feeding design.

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GoTreads are a unique, patented automotive tool designed to provide the traction needed to get vehicles going again when stuck in snow, mud, or sand. The 4 panel version offers one extra panel than our standard version for situations when you need more length. GoTreads XL provided an extra 12″ of traction and 1″ of leveling. Sold in pairs.

  • 58 inches of traction.
  • 5 inches of leveling.
  • 9 inches wide.

For vehicles with larger tires (33″ diameter +) or those more often in extreme terrain conditions. The XL variant provides an extra foot of traction surface beneficial in these scenarios.

GoTreads were designed around one word – simple. It stores in small places. It can be put into position in a matter of seconds – no tools, no assembly, no attaching to the tire required.

The smooth finish of the tool allows the snow and mud to shake off for easy cleaning. GoTreads are made of flexible, high strength, high impact polypropylene copolymer with special additives to give this durable plastic even greater toughness. Yet with all this strength, it weighs only 7.2 pounds.

For the best performance, use one GoTreads tool per driving wheel on your vehicle. If you plan to off-road in 4×4, two GoTreads are typically enough used under the 2 tires spinning the most. We do have some customers who carry 4 when offloading especially in larger vehicles.

*Case not included.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 8 in

Black, Blue, Hi-Vis, Orange, Red

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Melissa P.
I recommend this product

I live in Nevada and enjoy visiting Lake Mohave outside of Las Vegas. The road down to the lake is dirt and the lake front has sand, some packed down and some, super loose. I have a 4x4 Sprinter Van that weighs a lot… and the one time that I got stuck… I dug down and placed them in front of the back tires and was out in seconds. I have also pulled them out on three separate occasions and helped others get out with success each time. Brilliant invention! Cheaper than a winch… worth every penny.

Philippe L.
I recommend this product
Must have when overlanding

Great product! Haven't had to use it to get myself out of any situations so far. I've used them several times to even out the vehicle when using my Roof Top Tent. I also like that it doesn't take a lot of room and I don't have to carry it outside of my vehicle and worry about theft and/or buying additional locks. Highly recommended.

GoTreads work exactly as advertised

GoTreads work exactly as advertised AND don't need to be mounted to the outside of the truck as a billboard. I've used these in sand, mud, snow and most often to level my truck while dry camping. I've found the traction is quick and predictable under everything from UTVs to Class 7 trucks. Even more impressive is the customer service! In a time where everything is disposable, GoTreads just keep going. I keep a set in all of my vehicles and am proud to buy from such a stand up company of great people.

John D.

In the weks before we purchased them we pulled out several vehicles on the Padre Island Beaches. Since we have recieved them we have not comne across anyone stuck. They appear to be a fine deterrant.

A GoTreads Customer
Brian D.
Compact. Rugged. Functional.

1998 Montero. 4,500lbs, 4WD, factory locked center and rear. Total rookie maneuver, I got distracted and only locked ONE front hub. Wasn't long before I was almost up to the rear axle in the snow on the shoulder of a muddy forest road as the sun was starting to set. GoTreads were the only way the snow-and-mud-packed, 31" BFG ATs (near the end of their useful life) out back were able to get any purchase and move us back toward the road. Ended up riding the Strap of Shame out because the Tundra what came by was the only other vehicle we'd seen on that road in about four hours, it was snowing again, getting dark, and we had two little girls in the back. If I'd actually engaged 4WD properly, I might not have gotten stuck in the first place, but if I had, there's no doubt in my mind my GoTreads would have gotten out first try.

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