Go Rack Instructions

Mounting Hardware Not Included
Hardware should be 5/16″ or 8mm and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel is best but zinc/yellow zinc will work in environments that are not highly corrosive (road and sea salt). We recommend Grade 5 bolts or higher for optimal strength. Always use locking fasteners or thread lock to prevent loosening from vibration.

Mounting Instructions

  1. Line up mounting slots so on your vehicle so that you can use a minimum of 3 bolts per rack for a single rack, or 4 bolts for the double rack.
  2. You can install the bolts from either the front or the back, whichever works better in your situation.
  3. Put thread lock on each bolt, or use nylon locking nuts.
  4. Tighten with wrench.

Loading GoTreads

  1. Extend the shelf. On the single, insert the straps through the top slots in the center back to the front. On the double, use the slots three from the left and three from the right, so that the straps are centered on each GoTreads.
  2. Place the GoTreads on the racks. Bring the other end of the strap up through the bottom slots and tighten the straps so that they lay flat against the front of the GoTreads.
  3. Insert locking bar, and then padlock, if desired.

Lock Bar

With GoTreads on the rack, slide the bar through the front slide slot so that it goes over the top of the GoTreads hinges. Insert padlock (not included) through the hole on end. Only use lock bar when using a padlock or other closure system to keep it from sliding out.

Folding Rack

After removing the GoTreads and straps, you can fold the racks up by pushing up from the bottom back. If using the lock bars, insert them through the slot that passes through the hinge arms for storage. Secure with padlock if leaving lock bar in place.