I recently used your Go Tread product. I live in a suburb of Kansas City Missouri and on February 1st 2011 we experience 16 inches of snow. I spent the better part of the next morning shoveling snow. I noticed my next door neighbors son trying to pull his PT Cruiser into his driveway from the street in all the snow that had not been plowed yet. He was going no where.

I pulled the all new Go Tread product from my truck and walked over to assist this young man. We followed the instructions provided and put the Go Tread under the drive wheel. I then instructed the young man to gently accelerate while I gave him a gentle push from the back.

Within seconds the car gained traction on the Go Tread and easily pulled into a clean shoveled drive. I gave away my Go Tread to the young man and intend on getting more for each of my 3 vehicles. I recommend the product to all my friends, family and any people I may come across that may be stuck in the snow. The product pays for itself the first time you may ever need it. Sure is better than a tow bill.

Many thanks for a great product,
Kevin G.
Lees’ Summit Missouri 2011