Winter Travel Worries?

Don’t Let Snow Anxiety Freeze Your Plans!

Snow-Proof Confidence

Face Snow with Ease, Leaving Anxiety Behind!

Be Prepared, Stay Safe

Snowy Roads Made Simple: An Easy to Use Solutions for Stress-Free Travel

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Getting Stuck in Snow?

Getting stuck in snow can be a real hassle, leaving you stranded and struggling to find traction to move forward.

Limited Traction on Slippery Surfaces?

It’s not just roads; snow can leave you stuck almost anywhere, from driveways to parking lots.

Stuck in Remote Areas?

Being stranded in a remote location during a snowstorm becomes increasingly perilous due to the isolation and lack of help, leaving you in a vulnerable state.

Facing Deep Snow or Slushy Conditions?

GoTreads are an Effortless Traction Aid for Navigating Winter’s Challenges.

Getting stuck sucks!

No one likes the feeling of being stuck.

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Get Un-Stuck with GoTreads

When you travel with GoTreads, you have a quick and easy tool for getting emergency traction in snow, sand, or mud.

Simple Safety

Your Essential Companion for Snowy Emergencies, Ensuring Preparedness and Ease of Use.

Quick Traction

GoTreads Ensure Safety on Any Slippery Terrain, No Matter How Familiar.

Peace of Mind

GoTreads Are Your Trusted Lifeline in Snowy Solitude. Ensuring Self-Reliant Winter Escapes.

Conquer the Snow

GoTreads are an Effortless Traction Aid for Navigating Winter’s Challenges.

GoTreads Folding Traction Boards

Navigating snowy roads can be stressful—we know the feeling. We’ve shared the same worries and worked on a solution to ease them. Your safety during winter travels is important to us. Count on us for a reliable traction tool to fight snowy conditions.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Lightweight, easy to store, very useful. Love this product. If not for yourself, to help others. 🙂
Kimberly O.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
It’s amazing how we can go so long without knowing a product like this exists, I don’t know how I or anyone survived without it. Thank you for making an incredible product!
Tony L.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We love our GoTreads! They are multipurpose, we had fast delivery and amazing customer service! Would highly recommend!
Meridith B.

Easy to Use

GoTreads ™ were designed in 1975 around one word–simple. It stores in small places and is easy to use. The tire traction mat is put into position in a matter of seconds–no tools, no assembly, no attaching to the tire required.

Easy to use Step 1
Step 1

Put the vehicle in park and set the emergency brake before using GoTreads.

Easy to use Step 2
Step 2

With the smooth surface down, unfold the GoTreads and center the short section as close to the stuck tire as possible.

Easy to use Step 3 Illustration
Step 3

Release brake. As you begin moving forward, SLOWLY accelerate. Drive out and to a safe place before stopping to retrieve your GoTreads.

Watch a video showcasing customer use from around the world.

Your Traction Solution for Safer Winter Travel

Navigating snowy terrain? GoTreads provides the emergency escape. Whether in remote areas or on your own driveway, our simple traction tool helps ensure you’re never stranded. Feel confident, stay safe, and escape snowy entrapments hassle-free with GoTreads.

Get Your GoTreads

For small vehicles

GoTreads Folding Traction Boards

46 inches of traction. 3 inches of leveling

: $175.00

For medium-large vehicles

GoTreads Folding Traction Boards

58 inches of traction. 4 inches of leveling

: $215.00

For very large vehicles

GoTreads Folding Traction Boards

70 inches of traction. 5 inches of leveling

: $265.00

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