GoTreads in the Sand

In this post we mentioned shooting a demo video of GoTreads getting a 10 ton military vehicle out of the sand. Well, here is some of that footage for you to view!

Sand + Military Transport Truck

One of my favorite activities growing up was playing with my toy army trucks in the sandbox. This past weekend, I got to take that fun full scale! We borrowed a 10 ton military transport truck and drove into a sandy river bank. Now a 10 ton vehicle in loose, damp sand...

GoTreads Featured in the Hutch News

Arne Pinto, the inventor of GoTreads, was featured in the Hutch News on Saturday. You can read the article here:

Seeking International Distributors

Pinto, Inc. is currently seeking distributors for GoTreads in Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina. If you would like to distribute GoTreads in one of these regions, please contact us for further information. GoTreads can be sold...

New Site Launched!

The new site is live! After much work, we are happy to finally have the re-vamped design up and running. We'll be adding more content over time as we receive more and more "customer stories" of how GoTreads are helping people out of stuck situations around the world....


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