How To to Get Going Again with GoTreads


For best results, use GoTreads as soon as you get stuck or the moment your tire begins to spin.

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Put the vehicle in park and set the emergency brake before using GoTreads.

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With the smooth surface down, unfold the GoTreads and center the short section as close to the stuck tire as possible. Keep in mind that you want to drive up the GoTreads so you’ll need to align them in the path of the stuck tire.

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Release brake. As you begin moving forward, SLOWLY accelerate to gain some speed. Drive out and to a safe place before stopping to retrieve your GoTreads.

GoTreads Double As Vehicle Leveling Blocks

Each panel provides 1″ of lift. Unfold/fold as necessary to achieve desired leveling height.


DO NOT attempt to adjust or place GoTreads under rotating tires.

DO NOT stand in line of vehicle (front or rear) when using GoTreads.

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