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Discover how you can save thousands of dollars across your fleet. Avoid costly breakdowns and hidden vehicle damage. Learn from industry experts about the true cost of having vehicles stuck on the job. If you have a fleet of any size, this whitepaper is for you.

  • I have used Go Treads both personally and professionally and have appreciated both the convenient storage and handling of this product and of course it’s ability to get me out of a muddy or snowy situation.

    Officer Anthony Baldwin

  • Over the last fifty years, I have been associated with a lot of save the day devices and your Go Treads is the only one that works as advertised.

    Dave C.

  • Because of the hazards that come with driving on sand, having Go Treads with us on rescue calls is critical.

    Pacific Marine Mammal Center

  • We just drove right back on to the road like we were on dry ground. It was a great feeling being able to get back on the road in a matter of minutes.

    Aaron & Tammy

Qualifying fleet orders require orders of 100+ units. All major credit cards are accepted. PO’s are excepted with approved credit. Please contact us directly for all Fleet Orders.

Standard Colors black or orange

  • 50% down – balance net 15.

Custom Color:  Minimum 2,500 units*

  • Standard basic colors like red, blue, green, orange, brown – no upcharge
  • Special PMS colors will require special quotes (typically add $0.25 to $1.20 per unit depending on intensity) and possibly longer lead times.
  • 75% down – balance net 15.
  • Add six working days to normal delivery schedule for the basic colors.

Logo: $750 one time fee**

  • Orders of 5,000+ units, logo fee is no charge.
  • 90% down – balance net 15.
  • Add approximately three weeks to normal delivery schedule for the first order.


  • Standard carton:  4 per carton
  • Carton Weight:    25 pounds
  • Standard pallet:   50 cartons (200 units)
  • Pallet weight:      1,250 pounds
GoTreads Custom colors

* Many color options are available from the basic colors to particular PMS colors.  The PMS (Pigment Metering System) colors may vary through the production run.  Light colors like yellow, white, pink, etc. must be run in a virgin material because of inconsistencies of pigment if a reprocessed material is used.

GoTreads Custom logo molding

** Your company logo, address, website, etc. can be permanently molded in each Go Tread tool.   The placement of this information will be in the four inch wide by one and one half inch high area located on the smooth side of the first short section as seen below, replacing our company name (Pinto, Inc.).

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