Field Test

Go Treads. The Professional Traction Tool.

This pneumatic truck contained 55,000 pounds of flour. It needed extra traction to pull up to the unloading area of the production plant. Go Treads got the truck where it needed to be in a matter of minutes. It took longer to take the pictures than it did to move the truck.

GoTreads Under Semi Tires

The short sections were tucked down into the snow next to the tires with the smooth side down.

Semi Slowly Driving Forward on GoTreads

The driver slowly moved forward allowing the lead tires to drive on the Go Treads. Then the following tires began to roll up on the Go Treads allowing the truck to move on a solid, gripping surface.

Full weight of truck on GoTreads getting out of 6" of snow

In this situation, we had five to six inches of wet snow. The snow would pack to wet ice under the weight of the heavy truck, which made tire traction impossible. Go Treads are designed to work under loaded trucks time and time again.

Large truck un-stuck from Snow

Note that the Go Treads were not damaged in the least by the weight of the fully loaded truck.

GoTreads remain undamaged despite weight of loaded semi trailer

This IS … The Professional Traction Tool