PMMC uses Go Treads to Rescue Sick and Injured Seals

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PMMC Stuck in Sand
“Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine mammals stranded along the California Orange County coastline and to increase public awareness of the marine environment through education and research. For over 40 years we have been saving hundreds of seals and sea lions each year in need of medical attention, all of which are rescued on local beaches. Because of the hazards that come with driving on sand, having Go Treads with us on rescue calls is critical. We are grateful this product exists, so that we can get ourselves out of the sand and back to the hospital with our patients as quickly as possible.”

GoTreads Help Family on a Winter Trip

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Stuck Rover 2

While traveling back from Canada with my wife and two small children, we pulled off to the side of the road in rural North Dakota during a heavy winter storm. In an attempt to stay out of the roadway, I ended up getting both passenger side wheels of my Land Rover into the top lip of a very steep ditch that was hidden by snow drifts.

Loading Dock Uses GoTreads to Keep Trucks Moving

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GoTreads Traction Device for getting Semis out of Snow

We have been using Go Treads for years at our loading dock. Usually our snow removal service is slow to respond to our needs after big snow storms. That’s why we have Go Treads. They are a big help to us when truckers get stuck trying to leave. Our loading dock schedule is so tight that there isn’t time to have trucks stuck in our dock space. We put our Go Treads under the wheels and the driver pulls away like the snow isn’t there. They always work for us. By the way you should see how beat up they are … but they still work. We keep expecting them to break from so much use but they keep on going.

Go Treads Get Small Car On The Road

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Just a line to let you know that I had occasion to use the large Go Tread to extricate my high centered and buried Neon from a plow up ridge of snow in my drive way. With minimal digging to make room for the Go Tread I placed it behind the tire and backed out with out spinning at all.

GoTreads Battle 16 inches of Snow in Kansas City

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I recently used your Go Tread product. I live in a suburb of Kansas City Missouri and on February 1st 2011 we experience 16 inches of snow. I spent the better part of the next morning shoveling snow. I noticed my next door neighbors son trying to pull his PT Cruiser into his driveway from the street in all the snow that had not been plowed yet. He was going no where.

Made in the USA

GoTreads are proudly made and shipped from right here in the United States. Kansas to be exact.


At less than $60 each, GoTreads are extremely affordable when compared to the cost of an average tow truck.

Lifetime Guarantee

GoTreads are guaranteed for life. In the unlikely event one breaks, we'll replace it for free. We stand behind our product 100%!